Brother Paul Goelz, S.M., Ph.D., followed his passion for education and entrepreneurship by devoting his life to teaching free enterprise at St. Mary’s University and helping entrepreneurs succeed. He established the Algur H. Meadows Center for Entrepreneurial Studies in 1981 with a grant he obtained from the Meadows Foundation of Dallas, which later was supplemented by a gift from the Gulf Oil Foundation. 

The academic programs in entrepreneurship focus on the career preparation of students who plan to initiate and operate their own businesses rather than enter the corporate world of large companies in a line or staff position.

I do not work for a living. I create for eternity.

Paul C. Goelz, S.M., Director, Meadows Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, 1981-2001

Forum on Entrepreneurship Series

Through the Meadows Center, Goelz built a strong relationship with South Texas business professionals who engaged in entrepreneurial activities. In 1986, he developed the Forum on Entrepreneurship Series. Each year, the Forum hosts four events that feature prominent entrepreneurs who share their experiences and insights.


Sergio Palacios, Ph.D.
Director, Meadows Center

Pamela Luna
Program Coordinator, Meadows Center

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